Well, that was relatively painless. I am now up and running and have a passable wrapping around my brand-spankin’-new WordPress blog. Here are two links I came across that enable you to create pretty nice skins for a WordPress blog site – Did I say cheap?

PixoPoint – Which is the site I used to create the theme I am using as of today.
– or –
Check out Yvo Schaap’s* site for a very easy to use theme generator.

the PixoPoint generator is more flexible – and as usually is the case has a bit of a learning curve if you are not into web development. If all you want to do is put a personal look on your blog then zip over to Yvo’s site. I was looking to make my blog look more like my main site, so I went with PixoPoint (by the way I like their name…) In the end when I am able to spend more time with the back-end of WordPress I will probably create my own theme (More to enable me to get rid of the PixoPoint links, not because I really need to.)

*(If that’s not your name please forgive and correct me)

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